The Bryan Daisley Band (BDB) was an original rock/country/americana band that performed from 2021 to 2023. This page recognizes the two main version of the band, and appreciates the musicians who lent their talents to the journey.

BDB 2 (2022-2023)

Before the show at The Tractor, January 2023. From left: Alyssa, Sage, Kelly, Bridgette, Bryan, Stephanie, Emily, Jack.

This version of the BDB performed seven shows, including opening for The Wilder Blue at The Tractor Tavern on 6/1/23. With core members Alyssa Stock, Sage Goewey, Kelly Smith, and for the most part Jack Parker, the band was joined by several guest performers, including James Manigley on guitar several times, Stephanie Kay twice, and Bridgette Kern and Emily Floberg each once. In addition to guest vocalists, this band introduced Alyssa Stock on mandolin and as an original songwriter.

Members: Alyssa Stock (vocal, mandolin, percussion), Bryan Daisley, (vocal, guitar), Kelly Smith (bass), Jack Parker (vocal, guitar / partial), Sage Goewey (drums)

BDB 1 (2021-2022)

Outside The Little Store in Shoreline, WA. From left: Gordon, Kelly, Alyssa, Bryan, Ian and Jack

An original music country rock band formed in the height of the pandemic (though admittedly it was thought to be the tail end at the time), they eventually performed their first show at a local venue called Hamburger Harry's in Edmonds, then went on to perform 12 shows across Washington state, including a performance at The Tractor Tavern on 2/16/22 and two shows at The Little Red Hen, in Seattle. They were joined by guest performer Gordon Assadi (violin) several times, and Art Frankel (pedal steel guitar) once.

Members: Alyssa Stock (vocal, percussion), Bryan Daisley, (vocal, guitar), Kelly Smith (bass), Jack Parker (vocal, guitar), Ian Ross (drums)