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    Sad Man

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Sad Man, a Trapper Creek song written by Jeff Caborne, is now streaming everywhere

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We want you to hear the warm summer rain falling on the lake, slowly at first, then in sheets across the water, while you sit on the dock and watch the beauty unfold around you.

We want you to feel the memory of a slow dance (or make one now), and how the song pulls your lips closer. We want you to feel being touched again.

We want you to miss somebody who got away, perhaps a long time ago, perhaps last night.

We want you to feel the pain of being with one who loves another, or loving another yourself. 

We want you to recognize the line, "Long time since he's seen the one he loves," as the story of all of our lives this year, and to feel the power of what pulls us together. We are not alone.

But mainly, we want you to enjoy Sad Man. Because all of this is inside it, and more. A beautiful song can hold a universe.

For more songs and information, see: Echoes Off The Lake

Written by JEFF CABORNE (© John Phillips) 

Performed by... 
BRYAN DAISLEY: lead vocal, background vocal, acoustic guitar, banjo, bass 

JACK PARKER: drums, percussion, electric guitar, background vocal 

ART FRANKEL: pedal steel guitar

Final production by...

Bryan Daisley (mixing) and Nathan James Allen (mastering)

Sad Man cover photo by...

 "East Side Wind Storm" by Michael Chamberlain

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