Happy Holidays!

It's that time of year again! Here's a little ditty I wrote a few years back. This version is by the (messy) fireplace, just goofing around. Have a great holiday season in 2023, everyone! 

Oh, one more thing! I also wrote an epic poem about Wally the Christmas Whale, a character I made up because it doesn't snow much in Seattle but there's plenty of water. ~Bryan

Got a few friends together around the virtual piano in 2021 to make merry during the pandemic.  Credits: Ian Ross (drums), Gordon Assadi (violin), Stephanie Traugutt (vocal), Jack Parker (guitar), Tim Moran (mandolin), Kelly Smith (bass)

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I Still Believe in Christmas Time

Bryan Daisley

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I Still Believe in Christmas Time

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This original Christmas song is the first one Bryan published, and the spark that got him back into songwriting. Plus, it's good! Stream from any service for free, or purchase here and have it forever. Performed by Tim Moran, Gordon Assadi, Stephanie Traugutt and Bryan Daisley.

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Top 20 Finalist in 6th Annual National Christmas Song Competition (2022)”

USA Songwriting Competition


Here's a playlist that includes covers of the tune by other people. Recorded your own version? Post to YouTube and send a note to daisleymusic@outlook.com.