About Bryan

Bryan Daisley is a songwriter and musician with a unique voice who grew up and lives around the Puget Sound of Washington State. He writes and performs original songs at the border of rock and country.

Bryan's debut album, From Dust, debuted in August of 2020. The album explores the rigid structures we create in our lives, from the physical--mines, barns, lighthouses, trains, etc.--to the metaphorical--cowboys, brotherly bonds, etc.--and breaks them all to see what remains. 

His second album, Cathedral, will pick up in 2023 in the space of what remains...it's all love songs of various types, informed by somebody who has lived enough to know that love isn't one simple idea. Join the mailing list to follow the release of this album and more. 

Between the two albums, Bryan has been exploring the sound of a hidden-gem country band called Trapper Creek that played in north Idaho in the 1980s, covering several of their originals with his collaborator Jack Parker. The project is called Echoes Off the Lake

The Bryan Daisley Band formed in 2021 and currently plays published and upcoming original songs around the Pacific Northwest of the USA.   

Bryan also enjoys playing bluegrass with friends, his day job, his family and a whole lot of other stuff, and he swears only rarely talks about himself in the third person.